Reliable Quality

Sunova Solar strives to meet customers' expectations for high quality and high reliability by utilizing state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facilities, stringent quality controlling system. We provide our customers with the best products via our perseverance in carrying out the highest quality standards and rigorous quality control procedures. By constant innovation of product and business model, we offer our customers choices of product and service to enhance customer value.

Stringent quality controlling system ensures long term reliability.
Top-quality suppliers for production plants, system components and raw materials.
Comprehensive internal quality controls meet (or exceed) international standards.

Product Warranty & Insurance

Due to the strict quality management of Sunova Solar, it provides a 15-year product quality guarantee for modules. In addition, the first year degradation of products power out put is less than 2.5 % and linear power output will be guaranteed above 84.8 % within 25 years. Meanwhile, Sunova Solar also collaborate closely with PICC to provide customers with product insurance.

Linear Performance Warranty

Product Insurance

Comprehensive Certificates