Tangra S Pro HD 435-455 Wp

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Tangra S Pro HD 435-455 Wp



Our new panel design with 182x186mm cells allows higher total Wp per module. As the slightly smaller standard version using 182x182mm cells, it combines the robustness of the dual glass design with the additional power generation thanks to its bifacial characteristics This slightly above 2m² in area high efficiency N-Type TOPCON solar module maximizes power output on space restricted areas. Recommended for small commercial or industrial applications in tough environments.

High Density Bifacial Dual Glass Mono N-type TOPCon Module


Power Output Range: 435-455W

Module Size: 1762 x 1134 x 30mm

Maximum Efficiency: 22.5%

Weight: 24.3 kg

Number of Cells: 108 Cells

Power Tolerance: (0,+5)


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