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Cosmetics and food packaging factory in Buriram, Thailand

The Thee Touch Packaging is a manufacturing company located in the Buriram Province in Thailand. They manufacture cosmetic and food packaging like sachets, tubes, serum bottles with droplets dosifiers and other types of bottles and vases. 

Their packages are used by end-users of daily products like serum, ointments, face and body creams, coffee, zip-sealed snacks, supplements, and even pet food.

With Sunova Solar's panels installed on the rooftop, The Thee Touch operation acquired energetic independence, which will result in huge savings in their production costs.

The installation consists of a total of 92 pieces of Zosma M 550W PERC monofacial solar modules, providing a total capacity of 50kW. 

Project capacity: 50 kW
Project location: Buriram province, Thailand