Sunova Solar invests in cell factory in China

On its path to a fully integrated solar producer, Sunova Solar has reached its next target by investing in a 9GW cell production capacity. The factory located in Yibin City in the Sichuan Province of China focuses on TOPCon cell production of 182mm, 199mm and 210 mm cells.

Yibin City, Sunova Solar is proud to announce it invested in its first cell manufacturing facility that was inaugurated on 5th of January 2024 and is currently ramping up production to its final volume of 9 GW of annual cell production. This is equivalent to approx. 36,000 high efficiency modules per day.

“Investing in our own cell manufacturing line is a key milestone in our long-term strategy and will decrease our dependency on other suppliers, thereby securing consistent quality cell input for our high efficiency modules. Furthermore, it enables us to serve our customers with advanced technology that we continuously develop” Explains Mike Song, Chairman of Sunova Solar and adds, “additionally, it provides us with enhanced control over our supply chain to ensure production of our modules with non-forced labor materials.”

The cell production is a state-of-the art fully automated facility allowing to manufacture cells of the three main sizes, i.e. 182mm, 199mm and 210mm, to enable a wide range of application. With its 5G-AGV (automated guided vehicle) based transport system of mobile robots it uses newest flexible intralogistic automation solutions. Paired with the 5th generation mobile network, which provides features of high performance, high reliability, high speed and low latency, the performance and efficiency of the AGVs used to transport materials inside Sunova Solar’s new factory are further enhanced.

Cell quality is ensured through a range of different tests such as color and appearance sorting, EL testing, IV electrical performance tests as well as further reliability tests such as tension, light decay testing and further more.

The factory covers an area of 107,000 square meters of which the cell production workshop takes up 67,000 square meters. At present, 560 people work in the factory and 420 front-line workers are employed in the workshop. The cell production is powered by a roof-top photovoltaic system and was designed with a concentrated water recycling system, which underlines Sunova Solar’s efforts to manufacture solar solutions under environmentally friendly conditions.

About Sunova Solar

Sunova Solar, founded in 2016, is an integrated system solution provider focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of globally distributed solar products and the development of PV plants. Currently, Sunova Solar operates three manufacturing factories in China and Vietnam, with integrated 4.2 GW capacity of solar modules and one 9 GW factory for TOPCon cell production. At the same time, SUNOVA Solar has set up its own branches or offices in Germany, Brazil, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Vietnam and other overseas countries. Moreover, it has more than 100 industry-leading partners in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. As of December 2023, Sunova Solar has shipped more than 4GW of cumulative modules worldwide.

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