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Sunova Solar listed as Tier 1 module manufacturer by BNEF

In its 3rd quarter 2023 report, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) lists Sunova Solar as a Tier 1 module manufacturer. The listing is based on eight…
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Sunova Solar launches its new website and product names

With its new customer centric website, Sunova Solar makes it easy to find the right product for each application. Additionally, Sunova has renamed its…
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Sunova Solar unveiled its new High Density TOPCon modules with up to 22.9% efficiency

On this first day of Intersolar Europe Sunova Solar unveiled its new high density modules. They are the result of a special cell arrangement that…
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Sunova Solar is a Tier 1 global energy solutions company that designs and manufactures clean renewable energy components, such as photovoltaic modules, inverters and solar battery storage solutions. By continuously optimizing all process steps from materials procurement via operations to logistics we deliver products that combine high efficiency and affordability. Through our local warehouses and close sales network we ensure short time product and service availability for our customers

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Global Module capacity

4.2 GW

Global Shipment

3.5 GW

Sales & Service Offices





100  +

Our Products

As a client-focused Tier 1 PV manufacturer, Sunova Solar offers a comprehensive range of solar products and components. From solar panels to inverters, storage systems and combined solutions as well as balance of system parts and complete solar balcony sets. The pages for these products will be added soon.

Global Projects

Across the globe, photovoltaics projects have been realized with Sunova Solar panels and components - from residential homes to supermarkets and large industrial roofs to utility scale systems

PV systems on residential and small commercial buildings help owners to reduce their electricity bill and become part of the energy transition that will support conserving the earth for future generations. Proprietors in many countries trust in our technology and have installed Sunova Solar panels on their roofs. Browse through the selection of solar solutions on homes and small commercial entities using our PV panels.

Solar panel installations on commercial and industrial buildings use available roof space to generate the electricity needed on the premises. At the same time they demonstrate the commitment of the entities to contribute to the clean energy transition. Check out examples of solar roof installations on supermarkets, factories and logistic centres with Sunova Solar panels.