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Solar Balcony System

Sunova-EZ1-410, Sunova-EZ1-410M

To enable tenants to participate in the energy transition and save electricity costs, Sunova-Solar has developed an easy to install all-in-one designed solar balcony system. 

The installation angle of the bracket can be adjusted according to the requirements to achieve the maximum possible power generation. The compact mounting structure is portable and easy to transport.

All systems consist of 2 Zosma S 410  or optionally Zosma S Black 410 PV modules with 410Wp, a 600W micro inverter, a pair of 1 metre DC cables and a 5m AC end cable. A balcony mounting structure is optional and only included in the M-Type system. The rated power of the micro inverter can be increased to 800 W through the AP EasyPower App. 

Each system comes with a Sunova Solar product warranty of 15 years for the solar panels and 12 years for the micro inverter.


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