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Solar plant in Oltenita, Romania

More than 16,000 Zosma 550W standard modules and nearly 3800 Zosma 550 bifacial modules are installed in two projects built by Waldevar Energy SRL, a Romanian EPC contractor, in Oltenita, Calarsi County. Both power plants, with 4.55 and 4.38 MW respectively, are financed by Romanian Vista Bank.

These PV powerplants produce 11.5 TWh of electricity in total, enough to power nearly 3000 average households. This saves 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, that would be exhausted by a conventional power plant. 

In the images below you can see children from the Oltenita area experiencing an educational guided tour with the Waldevar team in the beginning of 2023. The objectives of this activity were that children could learn hands-on how solar energy generation works, and stretching bonds with the residents of this area. 

Picture credits: Waldevar

Project capacity: 11 MW
Project location: Oltenita, Calarsi County, Romania