Rooftop residential projects

Residential rooftop solar project in Rewa, Poland

The family who owns this house in Rewa, in the north of Poland, decided to opt for a more sustainable lifestyle and had two main requisites for their roof-top self-consumption installation. Their first condition was to get a sleek, elegant design for their roof, that would enhance the modern, yet sober, style of their property. Secondly, the solar modules had to be of the best quality, built with robust materials and state of the art technology, in order to endure the sometimes inclement weather of the Baltic sea.

Strong coastal winds, salty sea breeze and the sharp acidity of the sea birds' droppings -which are not scarce in the Gulf of Gdansk- were some of the challenges presented by the extreme weather in this beautiful area.

The perfect energy solution for this residential installation was a set of Sunova Solar's Zosma full black 425 bifacial N-type modules, which are both elegant and extra strong, certified to resist high levels of salt and ammonia in the environment. 

With a total of 24 units that fully power the whole house's energy needs with a 10 kW output, the project started operating fully in December 2023.

The result, as you can see in the pictures below, is exquisitely functional and elegant --just perfect!

Modules were provided by Sunova Solar's official distributor in Poland, Grodno, and installed by experts from Zielona Firma.

Project capacity: 10 kW
Project location: Rewa, Poland