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Zosma L Pro 650-670 Wp


Bifacial dual glass version of our extra large, highly efficient PERC solar panel for utility scale ground mounted applications. Additional power generation from the reflection of the roof or ground on the backside thanks to the bifacial characteristics of the module. Particularly suitable when you need to make the most of the available area and still want to save on BoS costs. With this module the LCOE can be reduced by up to 7.4%, while its power generation compared to a standard M-size module is increased by upto 1.6% due to the use of larger cells. Thanks to its optimized design of the junction box and bypass diodes, improved heat dissipation is achieved, allowing higher maximum working temperatures comparable to modules made of 158/166mm size cells.

Power Output Range: 650-670 W

Module Size: 2384 x 1303 x 35 mm

Maximum Efficiency: 21.57%

Weight: 38.5 kg

Number of Cells: 120 Cells

Power Tolerance: (0,+5 W)


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