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Tangra M HD 495-515W


This smaller and lighter version of our N-type Topcon high-density monocrystalline half-cell solar module for commercial and industrial rooftops. It allows for easier handling, which is particularly practical on smaller areas to take advantage of the higher efficiency compared to our standard S-size TOPCon modules, designed to revolutionise solar power generation. With its innovative half-cell design, this module maximises energy production efficiency while ensuring exceptional durability. Experience superior performance and reliability in solar power generation with our advanced technology.

N-type Half-Cell Mono Module

Power Output Range: 490-515 W

Module Size: 1996 x1134 x 30mm

Maximum Efficiency: 22.75%

Weight: 24.4kg

Number of Cells: 120

Power Tolerance: (0,+5 W)


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